Healthy Minds

We all can use some help sometimes. Here is a partial list of resources available through the department and through the university: 


Department Resources

Active Listeners

 John Berry,, Room 6357

 Arrietta Clauss,, Room 2108

 Heike Hofstetter,, Room 2201B


Chemistry Staff with Open Doors

 Matt Sanders, executive director,, Room 1126

 Arrietta Clauss, graduate student services coordinator,, Room 2108

 Jeanne Hamers, undergraduate chemistry director,, Room 1328A



 Graduate Student Faculty Liason Committee (GSFLC), or

 Students in Chemistry for Inclusive Representation (SCIRep),

 Climate and Diversity Committee, Desiree Bates (, Room 9307) & A.J. Boydston (, Room 7365) chairs,  

Safety Committee, Ive Hermans (, Room 6311A) chair, Jeff Nielsen (, Room 1227) Chemistry Building Manager, Tilak Chandra ( Chemical Safety Specialist, UW-Madison Campus Police: (Non-emergency line: 608.264.2677, emergencies call 911)


Anonymous Suggestion Box (must be connected to the chemistry network for access)



Campus Resources

 Dean of Students Office Bias or Hate Reporting -

 Employee Assistance Office (EAO) –

 Hostile and Intimidating Behavior Liaisons:

 Office for Equity and Diversity –

 Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards:

 Ombuds –

 Teaching Assistants Association (TAA) -


Mental Health Support - In Department

Office Hours with Andrea Lawson: Similar to “Let’s Talk”, but held on-site in Chemistry Building. Andrea Lawson, our UHS correspondent, will be available to discuss any topic or concern. These sessions are confidential and no notes will be taken. Arrietta Clauss sends reminder emails about the time and location of these sessions to students and post-docs only (faculty and staff are not informed as to the when and where).


Mental Health Support - Through University Health Services (UHS) 

 To setup an Access Consultation:

 Counseling (individual, couple/partner, and group)

 Wellness (acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, nutrition, pain management, quitting tobacco, stress management, psychiatry, and yoga)

 Let’s Talk:

 THRiVE Workshop Series : SilverCloud:



Diversity Support

 Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA):

 Gender and Sexuality Campus Center:

 Graduate Women in Science (GWIS):

 International Student Services (ISS):

 McBurney Disability Resource Center:

 Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN):

 Multicultural Student Center (MSC):

 NOBCChE Student Chapter:

 SACNAS Student Chapter:

 STEM Diversity Network:

 Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI):