Many thanks to our various collaborators: 

Prof. Ruma Banerjee, University of Michigan (methylmalonyl-CoA mutase).

Prof. Gabriele Diekert, Friedrich-Schiller-University at Jena, Germany (reductive dehalogenases)

Prof. Jorge Escalante-Semerena, University of Georgia (adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis).

Prof. Adam Fiedler, Marquette University (cysteine dioxygenase model complexes).

Prof. Brian Fox, University of Wisconsin (cysteine dioxygenase).

Prof. Todd Harrop, University of Georgia (superoxide dismutase model complexes).

Prof. Michael Maroney, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Ni-dependent superoxide dismutase).

Prof. Neil Marsh, University of Michigan (glutamate mutase).

Prof. Anne-Frances Miller, University of Kentucky (Mn- and Fe-dependent superoxide dismutases).

Prof. Elizabeth M. Nolen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Co(II)-bound calprotectin)

Prof. Lawrence Que, Jr, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis (Co(II)-substituted extradiol dioxygenase)

Prof. Stephen Ragsdale, University of Michigan (ACS/CODH and NiF430/MCR).

Prof. Charles Riordan, University of Delaware (O2 and S8 activating Ni complexes and intermediates).

Prof. Shannon Stahl, University of Wisconsin–Madison (Cu catalysts for C–N bond formation).

Prof. Joshua Telser, Roosevelt University (high-field EPR and MCD studies of Ni and Co complexes).